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The Ridgeback MAX is currently available for the Toyota Hilux (Vigo) Double Cab manufactured from 2006 onwards. The roof line is higher than the GT, allowing maximum usable space inside the load area. The MAX is available with optional side opening doors (1 per side) and can be fitted out with a range of lighting and power options. Click here to go directly to the Ridgeback MAX page.
The Ridgeback GT has the same high level of specification as the MAX, but with a sleeker, lower roof line. The loss of space is marginal and is offset by the reduction in overall height, allowing access to even the tightest spaces.
The Ridgeback MAX SC is the Single Cab variant of the MAX and is unrivalled in its features and capacity. It is a cavernous hardtop, with space to carry out the most demanding tasks. The MAX SC has the option of 2 side opening doors per side, a feature not matched by any other hardtop manufacturer. You can opt for any combination of doors and they can even be retro-fitted should you wish to change the configuration.
It is our intention to roll out the Ridgeback range over the coming year across a much wider range of vehicles, including:
  • Mitsubishi L200 Long Bed Double Cab
  • Mitsubishi L200 Single Cab
  • Ford Ranger Double Cab
  • Mazda BT-50 Double Cab
  • Ford Ranger Single Cab
  • Mazda BT-50 Single Cab

In addition, further products are currently in development to be manufactured in the UK and sold under the Ridgeback brand and sold by Storm Xccessories.

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